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This pest on fruit trees is very harmful.

  White Star Flower Scarab, also known as White Copper Scarab, White Star Flower Potential and White Star Scarab, is an important pest of Coleoptera Scarapidae. Adults mainly harm mature fruits such as apples, grapes and pears, as well as maize, sunflower, vegetables and other crops. It covers 29 species belonging to 26 genera and 14 families. It is an important pest on fruit trees such as grapes, apples and pears.

   Harmful symptoms

  Adults and larvae can be harmful. Adults mainly harm fruits that emit decaying wine, sour or sweet taste. They can bite fruits into big holes. Many pests live together to harm the fruits. After the fruits are damaged, they are vulnerable to bacteria and other pathogenic bacteria infection and decay and fall off, which have a great impact on the yield and quality of fruit trees. Larvae mainly harm underground rhizomes, bite off roots, resulting in plant growth decline, serious can lead to death.

    Occurrence characteristics

   One generation occurs in a year. The larvae of 2-3 instars overwinter in underground humus or manure. They feed on underground roots or humus. From April to June of the next year, the larvae mature and pupate in the soil 20 cm deep underground. After about 20 days, the pupae emerges into adults. Every year, from June to July, the adults are at the peak of adult harm. The adults tend to sweet and rotten acetic acid taste, and have pseudo-lethality and after being frightened. After mating, the adults lay their eggs in the fissures of the soil and hatch into larvae (grubs) for 10 to 12 days. The larvae feed on the soil and overwinter.

   Prevention and treatment methods

  (1) Control of larvae: When applying fertilizer to fruit trees, 4% imidacloprid granules can be mixed with organic fertilizer to kill not only the larvae (grubs), but also aphids and Psylla on fruit trees. The effect is long and good.
  (2) Trapping and killing adults: White Star Flower Scarab Turtle is the most dangerous season for watermelon. The white star turtle has a strong tendency to mature watermelon. It can cut the skin of watermelon into several pieces and add trichlorfon, hanging on the fruit tree for trapping. Adult worms are collected every morning. Change the skin of watermelon once every 2-3 days. The cost is low, the operation is simple and the effect is remarkable.


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