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Causes of herbicide damage

1. The quality of herbicides is not good.
In the process of herbicide production and processing, due to the improper control of a certain link, excessive harmful ingredients or uneven mixing, the application of this herbicide in paddy fields is very vulnerable to drug damage.
2. Misuse or improper use
Each herbicide has its prescribed use range, period and dosage. Misuse, improper use time or excessive concentration of herbicides are likely to cause drug damage. For example, the application of barnyard grass in rice seedling stage is easy to cause pesticide damage, the seedling field does not show pesticide damage symptoms, the rice seedling after insertion into the field to 7 leaf stage shows pesticide damage symptoms, and the use of 2-methyl-4-chlorine in rice bud stage, seedling stage and jointing stage is easy to cause pesticide damage.
3. Misuse
Due to the ignorance of the physical and chemical properties of herbicides, the improper mixing of herbicides is also a factor causing the harm of herbicides. Mixed use of barnyard grass and dimethoate can cause rice pesticide damage.
4. Improper application
The pesticide damage caused by improper application methods is relatively common. The use of herbicides requires that the field surface be smooth, and the shallow water layer should be kept for a certain period after application. If the water layer is flooded over the heart leaves, the herbicide damage will easily occur. Drug damage is easy to occur if the bottle-throwing method is applied.
5. Climate Conditions
There is no scientific application of medicines according to climate and other environmental conditions. Climate, soil and other environmental factors not only affect the efficacy of pesticides, but also affect the occurrence of pesticide damage. Temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind and light are the main climatic factors affecting the occurrence of pesticide damage. Temperature and light are the most obvious. Low temperature is easy to cause pesticide damage, oligoirradiation is easy to cause pesticide damage, and low soil organic matter is easy to cause pesticide damage.
6. The whole geological quality is not good.
Honda soil preparation is not easy to cause drug damage, and the weed control effect is not good at higher places.
7. Quality of seedlings
Poor quality seedlings are prone to drug damage, on the contrary, strong seedlings are not prone to drug damage.


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