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How to Improve the Effect of Corn Herbicide

Corn herbicide has been used for many years, but every year there are unnecessary losses caused by inappropriate medication. Strictly speaking, to understand the weeds in the field, targeted medication, grasp the amount of medication and time and soil moisture can achieve the desired weeding effect. The technical measures to improve the weeding effect are as follows:
(1) Subject to herbal medicines. Herbicides should be selected according to weed species and use time. For maize fields dominated by tangerine, tendon grass, setaria, lily, amaranth and polygonum, 40% acetonitrile or 41% yucaojing 150-200 ml, or 50% Dua mixture 150 ml, or 40% atrazine 150 ml, should be used before maize seedling sowing, not later than weed 2-leaf stage, or 4% yunongle 60 ml. Or 2.25% Kangshi 100-120 ml, used in weed 3-5 leaf stage; for corn field with large grass, 20% paraquat or 41% Nongda 80-100 ml/mu was sprayed immediately after sowing, the weeds were first eliminated, and then sprayed with the above corn herbicides.
(2) Strictly control the dosage of drugs. At present, there are many kinds of herbicides in Maize field, the content of effective ingredients is different, and the amount of herbicides used is also different. When using it, we must strictly control the dosage of medicines. We should not use too much or too little. We should not only ensure the weeding effect, but also not affect the growth of maize and next crop.
(3) Increase the dosage of liquid medicine. It is generally required that the amount of medication solution per mu be 30-40 kg, and the ground should be moist after spraying.
(4) Drought should be watered before medication. In drought years, it is better to spray medicine after watering. It is better to wet the ground when spraying medicine in order to form medicine film on the ground.
(5) timely medication. According to the suitable period of herbicide use, the reasonable time of medication should be determined to prevent the late spraying of herbicide from affecting the efficacy of herbicide.
(6) Correct application of drugs. First of all, we should shake the herbicide into mother liquor, use the suspension properly, and spray it backward. The spraying time should be controlled in windless weather before 9 am and after 5 pm. We should avoid spraying in windy weather and high temperature around noon. Make the spraying uniform, no re-spraying, no leakage spraying, to ensure the spraying effect.


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