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What herbicides are used before seeding of pepper seedlings?

  The use of herbicides before pepper planting can effectively kill weeds in the budding state, greatly reduce the weeding work in the later period of pepper, and avoid competition between weeds and pepper seedlings for soil and fertilizer. Then, what herbicides should be used before pepper seedling planting? Here is a brief introduction of pepper pre-seedling herbicides.


  The pepper seedlings can be weeded with 43% alachlor EC before sowing. Low toxicity and amide herbicides can make the buds of weeds transmit upward after taking medicine, and alachlor can enter the weeds, inhibit the synthesis of protease, and stop the development of buds and roots to form adventitious roots.


  Fluralin is a pre-budding herbicide, which is not ideal for the control of weeds after growing. It can be used in soil treatment before pepper seedling, and the control effect can reach more than 95%.


  20% dichlorfon EC can also be used to weed pepper seedlings before sowing. It can effectively control gray cabbage, duck tongue grass, barnyard grass, tangerine and other weeds.


  Pepper seedling pre-sowing herbicide is a chemical herbicide. It has a strong selectivity in suitable crops and weed killing range. It should be strictly selected to prevent misuse or misuse of pepper seedlings. Herbicide sprayed instruments must be repeatedly cleaned with hot alkali water to prevent the harmful effects of residual chemicals on other crops.



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