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What should we pay attention to when using herbicides and fertilizers in celery fields?

  Seedling celery is resistant to many herbicides. Through the test, fluralin, dimethylpentaerythrin (Shitianbu), oxalone (Oxamethrin), fluoropyrimethyl (high-efficiency coverings) and other medicines can be selected. It is worth mentioning that the use of safer dipyrrhizine wettable powder or dipyrrhizine emulsifiable oil on other vegetables has obvious inhibitory effect on celery, therefore, it can not be used at will in celery seedling growing fields. Its herbicidal techniques are as follows:
First,use 48% fluorine spirit oil 100-150 ml per mu, add 40-50 kg of water, spray evenly on the soil surface before planting or before seeding, and then shallow mixed soil, it is safe for the emergence of celery, and the weed control effect is good. Notes: If celery seedling is covered with grass curtain or shade net, it should be used before using shade or shade net.
Second, 33% field application was supplementation of 100-150 ml per mu and 40-50 kg of water. Cautions: Low dosage should be used in sandy soil, and medication should be used before curtain or screen covering.
Third, 50% pamacon wettable powder was added to 100-150 grams of water per mu and 40-50 kg of water.          Attention: Lower limit of sandy soil, no water accumulation after medication.
It should be noted that the growth process of celery is slow in the early and middle stages, and it takes a long time to grow weeds in the field. At this time, in the process of weeding, combined with fertilization, the effect will be better. After planting, tillage 3 to 4 times before ridge closure, and cultivation of soil in combination with cultivation, is conducive to celery growth. After one to two days of planting, water once, until celery grows 7 to 8 leaves. After entering the vigorous growth period, water should be irrigated once every 3 to 5 days to keep the soil moist all the time. It can promote the vigorous growth of celery while lowering the ground temperature, which is conducive to celery growth. Fertilizer topdressing should grasp the principle of a small number of times. Usually every 10-15 days, every mu of urea or compound fertilizer 10-15, potassium sulfate 10.


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