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URS chemistry is located in London, United Kingdom, dedicated in pesticides industry since 1952.With annual capacity of 60000tons, we proud to contribute to the prosperity of farmers and be an exemplary corporate citizen.We had made a good cooperation with several Chinese manufactures, combine with our high quality of Trade service sale the products to the global.

URS chemistry have two mainbrands“Zhongtianhengxin”&“Labor”.

“Zhongtianhengxin”is professional in herbicides,which covers an area of 16 thousand square meters.High efficiency and low toxicity, greenherbicidesresearch and development.

“Labor”isprofessional engaged ininsecticides.It is a large state-owned(SASAC) chemical manufacturing enterprises. Which has a government approved R & D Centre and a pilot plant focused on progress excellence and supporting international registration.

“A series of excellent quality, outstanding effect, green environmental protection and quality of pesticide” praised by the majority of dealers.

“we are committed to delight our customers by supplying high efficient, environmentally friendly, green products atcompetitive prices.”


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